About Shay Ben-Asulin

Shay Ben-Asulin (born 1968 in Jerusalem) is a successful Israeli entrepreneur with more than 15 years of extensive experience in  the online and mobile ecosystems.

Formerly a senior editor in Israeli radio and national newspapers, Ben Asulin specializes in creating appealing products for mass end customers base, focusing on smart branding and crisp user experience.

After setting up serious of successful and profitable companies in fields of interactive mobile applications, online and mobile gaming marketing platforms and high frequency payment processing,  Ben Asulin cofounded anyoption. This time it was not only a phenomenal business success that is attracting hundreds of thousands of traders globally; it was an invention of a totally new products and marketing concept that was followed by hundreds of competitors and became the fastest growing online trading vertical in the past three years.

In a very rare interview with Dr. Arielle Lehman, Ben Asulin tried to shed some light on the real life of start up owners and their refusal to recognize that the odds to success are faint. “Entrepreneurs,” he maintains, “do what they do because they’re in love with the idea. Usually they’re in love with their own idea, but at times they fall in love with an idea that originated from someone else, but they were the ones to recognize its business potential. The gloomy statistics seem irrelevant for them. They think that their idea is so wonderful that it must work out.” (Failure is not an option. 31/08/2005. Source: IVCJ. Dr. Arielle Lehrmann) 

In parallel to initiating and managing his own businesses Ben Asulin is heavily involved in the boiling “start up nation” scene in Israel.  Personally and through several investment vehicles he was and still involved in tens of Israeli technology and media oriented start ups. Most known among them is The Time, a well known incubator with prestigious shareholders like McCann Erickson; and dogtv, the hottest new srtr in the PPV market in the US and in Asia. Some other exciting projects are still in stealth mode.

He enjoys to consult promising ventures even without being invested at, and gladly endorses when relevant. A fresh example is Gingee Games, a brilliant start up which sets to strike off significant time and costs from apps and games developers..

In addition Ben Asulin has medium size real estate portfolio in Israel and in Europe and has been privately donating without any publicity to several social NGOs.


Recently the neo-Nazi blog The Daily Stormer, titled Shay Ben Asulin from anyoption, together with his peers from etoro and plus500, as a lead role in a global Jewish day trading scheme. Unfortunately major search engines index such filthy, racial and defamatory content.

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Shay Ben Asulin